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Saturday Morning Funnies – 11.26.10

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You’re probably at Black Friday by now. If not, you’re probably wondering if you slept the entire day away. You’re not… Saturday morning comes a day early around here.

A guy tries to back flip over his buddies, chickens out, and then sends the three buddies into the floor, the wall, and the fire extinguisher.

This video demonstrates why I can never own a bullhorn, because I would find myself in jail all the time.

Uncle Moishy demonstrates why you should utilize self-control at your favorite pizza joint… it might net you an entire pie!

And, of course, the obligatory Black Friday reference…

Another note, I’m on vacation, but I still have some posts in the can for you this week. Snag me some good deals while you’re out. You are going out to shop this morning, aren’t you?


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