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Put up or shut up


Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!—Psalm 46:10 (ESV)

I’ve been quiet for a few days, and some of that has been self-imposed. I have a tendency when I am struggling through a problem to air out all the dirty laundry. I got called out on it the other day on my Facebook and Twitter and realized that I don’t have enough self-control not to talk about the issue. So, there’s that thing.

If you are a praying person, we would appreciate some on that front, because we’re looking at a particular situation and trying to figure out what God wants us to do. There aren’t a lot of people we can look to for counsel on the situation either, so that is making it tough.

Another reason for being quiet is that this blog has been an experiment for me the last couple of months, and it looks like it’s not working out the way I had hoped. I guess I was expecting that everybody I knew on Twitter would read, comment, retweet and I would become one of those thousands of other celebrity bloggers.

Instead, the numbers are not very encouraging, and I seem to be writing for an audience of myself. If I’m writing for myself, then I have other writing projects for myself that I need to work on instead. For example, I need to finish a book I’ve been writing for our second child that is about 3 years overdue, and I need to start another book for our third child since that came out of nowhere.

Speaking of which, our family is expecting baby #3, due in August like all the others (which is weird). I’m glad I could get that happy news in there so this post doesn’t turn into a complete downer.

Like the Scripture says, I think I need to be still for a while and let all this rest. I’m not very good at that, so I need to learn to put the blog away and shut up (not good at that either).


5 thoughts on “Put up or shut up

  1. Do not take down your blog… It is interesting and insightful. I really enjoy reading it. You are just having a rough time right now… This too shall pass.

  2. Russ, I agree with your wife. I read it everyday and enjoy it. My guess is there are alot of people who read it and just don’t speak out. It encourages some great thought.
    Be still and know that I am God but also realize that Satan wants us to sit a be quiet also. My guess would be that he would live for you to be silent. Pick your words wisely but if God puts it on your heart, who are we not to deliver it for him.

  3. Well, I’ll start by saying that this is by no means an attempt to patronize. Is there really anything worse than someone giving you a fake and kind of too soft pat on the back when your down? No. That being said, I had the same hopes and dreams of fame from my blog as well, when I first began. Then, when those hopes were dashed, I at least had hoped that perhaps some of my closest friends who had encouraged me to start a blog might possible take enough interest to read it. Those hopes were for the most part dashed too. I think what I’ve come to realize is that there are predominantly two types of non-fiction readers out there, the ones who like to read the gossip columns for idle work chat material, and the ones who enjoy a more challenging read only for bragging rights. Now, those two types may make up the majority, but there still remain people out there who really do just enjoy reading everything they can get their hands on just for the sake of enjoyment and perhaps gleaning a little wisdom while their at it :^). These readers are few and far between, and I suspect it will take a little while before you are able to be found one at a time by enough men and women such as these to call yourself famous. What I’m saying is that you are not writing to the majority you are slowly building a reader base with the extreme minority among readers so you’ve got to be patient. Thank you for your blog.

  4. congratulations to you both on the baby. Please remember we are all human and need to vent. If people don’t read it GOD does.

  5. I guess I never replied to all these posts, so I look like a stuck-up jerk, but on the venting thing… that may be true, but I suppose venting on the internet doesn’t help anybody but me. I would rather produce something that furthers the cause of Christ than rant about what I don’t like and what gets me irritated, because then it is all about me (which I guess is what this post was about in the first place, but still).

    Thanks for the support otherwise… from everyone.

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