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“As it is written: ‘There is no one righteous, not even one; there is no one who understands, no one who seeks God. All have turned away, they have together become worthless; there is no one who does good, not even one.” —Romans 3:10-12 (NIV)

In the heat of the moment, I said something regrettable last weekend on Facebook. The New York Jets were about to play the Colts, and in my loyalty to Indy I said, “Here’s to hoping all the ladies in the front row on the Jets sideline take their shoes and socks off and show them off for our guests.”

It was a cheap shot remark, directed at the recent scandals surrounding a foot fetish video that the wife of Jets head coach Rex Ryan allegedly made that turned up on the internet.

It was a stupid, graceless remark, and I’m sorry I said it.

Now, he and I are not friends on Facebook, so I’m pretty sure he never saw the comment in the first place. I’m also pretty sure that Ryan is not reading this blog. In fact, Tony Dungy is also pretty sure that Ryan is not reading this blog either. He’s not a fan of Rex’s colorful language.

But I digress… or do I? The Jets have also been in the news quite a bit this year because of their ex-quarterback Brett Favre. We all know what he did while serving a stint in NYC.

Speaking of quarterbacks, Michael Vick is one too. Remember what he did? PETA sure does.

And then, after Michael Vick did his thing, Tucker Carlson did his thing where he basically said that even though he’s a Christian, Vick doesn’t deserve grace (which he later retracted).

You know who else the media says shouldn’t receive grace? Tiger Woods, Jesse James, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan… you see their names and faces all the time at the grocery store while you’re waiting to check out. It’s like a parade of celebrities and former celebrities that the media incites us to hate.

Three things I’ve learned since Saturday:

1) I need to ban myself from all social media during any kind of sporting event, because 90% of the time I have said something stupid on Facebook, it was over a game.

2) Tony Dungy might have written a couple of Christian books and won a Super Bowl, but outside of Indianapolis, no Christians think of the Colts as “Jesus’ Team” (especially not in Nashville). Or maybe it was just me that thought of the Colts as Jesus’ Team.

3) There are lots of people who aren’t into the excitement or the athleticism we see in sports. They just want their team to win so they can put everyone else down and live vicariously through their favorite team’s victory. This is practically a blog post on its own here. Most sports taunts I’ve seen are based on subjective arguments, not facts or statistics. Instead of saying, “Their run defense is terrible,” people say, “That guy sucks, and I’m pretty sure that he hunts cute little bunnies for sport and bites off their heads with the blood still attached.”

4) We are all just as stupid and sinful as all those people listed above. The difference is that most of us haven’t done something that’s landed us in the news. We haven’t had our mistakes broadcast for the world to see. Yet. There are cameras on every corner and in all our pockets and purses. There are web sites that document pictures and videos of failure. The celebrities people love to hate simply have more cameras pointed in their direction to capture these incidents.

And no, I’m not excusing their behavior, but I’m saying that we should be thankful that cutting someone off in traffic or gossiping about a friend or co-worker or stealing office supplies from work doesn’t put us on the front page of TMZ.

5) I need to learn to count better.


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