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“If you are ashamed of me and of my teaching in this godless and wicked day, then the Son of Man will be ashamed of you when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels.”—Mark 8:38 (GNT)

I suppose I should do an obligatory post about last night’s Super Bowl everyone else is doing this morning.

The Commercials: Mostly awful, and probably because it seemed most of them were bought by Budweiser, Pepsi, Chevrolet, and Doritos. But while preventing Fergie from a Janet Jackson-esque wardrobe malfunction was the talk of the week, it seemed that nobody still cares about the GoDaddy schtick, people cursing in commercials, and Pepsi Max continuously firing pop cans at people’s heads and groins. I dunno… maybe I’m getting old, but there wasn’t much that I found amusing.

Of course, the measure of a good commercial is whether or not it convinces you to buy something. There was only one that did (although I am biased that I was already going to buy into this already):

I heard Captain America would also be shown, but I must have missed it.

National Anthem: It seems unlikely that someone who’s performed the National Anthem since she was 7 and who’s used to performing in front of audiences of millions would make a mistake on one of the biggest stages of all. We all make mistakes, and whether performers want to admit it or not, they all have a level of stage fright.

And let’s face it, she might have messed up a couple of lines, but this is not disrespectful on the level of Roseanne Barr grabbing her crotch and spitting during the anthem. I doubt that Christina is a commie.

Halftime Show: I think people have way too high of expectations for the halftime show. They complain about who’s performing… they complain about the sound quality… they complain about the performances… the costumes… the staging… the hired maniacs who rush the stage every year. Keep in mind that they don’t have much time to get everything set up after the players leave the field, so how good of a performance can it really be? I usually ignore the halftime show and beat the line to the bathroom.

Of what I did see, I thought that Black Eyed Peas’s entrance from overhead was pretty cool, as were all the “Tron” costumes (although I didn’t get the people with the boxes on their heads). The appearances of Slash and Usher made me think two things: the Peas don’t have enough of a catalog of hits to carry an entire 10-15 minute show, so they had to bring in some friends to fill the rest of the time, or they were trying to draw a lot of buzz to sell an album… and look there! Whose album is #26 on the album charts right now?

As far as the cover songs they played, I guess nobody puts Fergie in the corner.

The Game: It’s still why people watch the Super Bowl, right? I took a nap during the 3rd quarter, and it seems I didn’t miss much there. It was incredible that the game came down to the last 2-minute drive from Ben Roethlisberger, and really, isn’t that how you want the Super Bowl to end (not like the ’80s and ’90s when most of them were blowouts)? Eli Manning’s drive… the failed Arizona drive of a couple of years ago… you certainly don’t want to see the Gatorade bath midway through the 4th quarter.

The Testimony: Shortly after the game, they interviewed Green Bay WR Greg Jennings, who I think said, “To God be the glory” at least two or three times. I guess there were some people who were cynical of that, but I think that it’s a strong testimony. I’m glad when high-profile people in any field are open about their faith. If they are not ashamed of the Gospel, then we shouldn’t either. Your neighbor’s only brush with Jesus should not be from watching an athlete praising God at the end of a game.


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