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Lunchtime mashup


My wife has packed me a lunch for almost every day we’ve been married, and almost every day it’s been a next-level experience.

Occasionally, I call an audible. Yesterday was one of those days.

This was yesterday’s lunch, a fine attempt by itself… barbecued chicken, broccoli and cheddar mashed potatoes.

But this appetizing meal in the plain plastic box was at the bottom of my lunch pack… what was on top? Crackers? Meh, maybe if I get hungry later on and need a snack.

It was what was between the crackers and the lunch that caught my eye. Yessirree… that is 100% Grade A pepper jack cheese from the culinary laboratories of the Kraft Corporation.

It was then that I decided to take my lunch to the next level. I sliced the pepper jack (the long way, not the short way—that’s a rookie mistake that would have kept me standing at the microwave all day), placed it on top of the chicken, and came out with this clever dish.

But that still wasn’t next-level enough for me… the ultimate prize to put on this fine piece of chicken would have to be BACON.

Two of my favorite hobbies at work are hunting and gathering. When I started here, our training department used to have an awesome catering budget, and between noon and noon-thirty, you could usually find all kinds of wonderful food downstairs like pizza, sub sandwiches, Chick Fil-A platters, Qdoba taco bars, pasta dishes, a variety of soups and salads, and all sorts of desserts from cookies and brownies to cheesecakes and lemon bars.

Training has been cut back, but you can still occasionally find a morsel around from time to time. Going across the street to the grocery store to purchase bacon would be both costly and unadventurous, so I ventured downstairs and…

… got no bacon.

Well, next time, America… I will get my bacon and I will put it on my chicken and I will eat it and I will enjoy it and hopefully I won’t try to cram so many conjunctions into one sentence again.

As you can see, I wasn’t too happy about the experience. I guess this outcome wasn’t as positive as the buffalo chicken wrap incident from a couple of months ago, but I was hoping there might even be a leftover jar of bacon bits sitting around somewhere.

The good news from this experiment is that I learned that the cheese melts really easily, so if I want to make a dip for the crackers later on, I can. I might need a little milk, but I could probably make some out of coffee creamer and water.

Have you ever come up with a good lunchtime mashup? Is there free food to be had in your workplace? Can I work there? Have I asked too many questions?


2 thoughts on “Lunchtime mashup

  1. I was waiting for the Jesus Juke…but as with the bacon, none could be found.

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