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Something quick


Here’s a quick survey for you guys to participate in the comments:

Which would you rather own?

1) A car that never breaks down

2) Vacation property anywhere in the world and the means to travel to that property

3) Your favorite restaurant built into the back of your house

I’ll go first in the comments.


8 thoughts on “Something quick

  1. #1 would be mine. I hate the stress and hassle that comes with owning a car. If I had it my way, I would have a car garaged throughout the week and then either commute or walk to wherever I need to go during the week. The car would only come out on weekends for family trips, errands, etc.

    Biggest problem is that the public transportation around Indy is lousy and the plans that they have on the table would never benefit me. Not sure I would want my kids living downtown either.

    Thankfully, we’re back to being a 2-vehicle family again after a couple of years making it on one. My wife is a saint just for putting up with that mess.

  2. #2 for sure!
    We could all use some R & R at times.

  3. #2, hands down.

    Although I’m kinda cheating in my logic:

    If I have the means to get to said location, that means that the transportation method would be reliable, thus negating #1.

  4. Could you leave a jet in your parking lot at work without somebody yelling at you?

  5. Yes, but there’s no runway.


  6. I’m going with #2. I have two very reliable cars, and my favorite restaurant is within walking distance from my home. Maybe I tend to take for granted the things that I have, and want what seems unattainable. I would guess that if I had a car which broke down all the time, or at least wasn’t as dependable as I would like, I would choose #1.

    By the way, your most recent post is really good.

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