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Pro wrestling vs. wrestling protester

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It’s news I’m most proud to proclaim, this extraordinary Message of God’s powerful plan to rescue everyone who trusts him, starting with Jews and then right on to everyone else!—Romans 1:16 (MSG)

WWE’s big August show, Summer Slam, was held a little over a week ago in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. After the show was over, some sidewalk evangelists got into it with some wrestling fans, and a 3-minute tirade between all the parties involved was capture for the internet to see. Beware, there’s swears within the first minute, and a whole lot of loud and angry throughout. You can skip to about 1:30 and avoid the cursing.

As a Christian and a wrestling fan, everyone in this video embarrasses me.

The guy with the sign should read his Bible. Yes, we are all sinners. Yes, we are all called to tell the world that everyone is a sinner and only the sinless Jesus can save us from Hell. The Bible also tells us to “speak the truth in love” (Eph. 4:15), but Sidewalk Preacher claimed Wrestling Fan was a pot smoker and mocked the kid for being stupid.

What about loving the kid first and then confronting him with the Gospel?

It’s obvious that Wrestling Fan has issues when you see the raunchy and disparaging way he talks about his parents in the video. It may or may not be true. He may just be saying it to get a rise out of Sidewalk Preacher. But before you confront someone with being a sinner, isn’t it better to build a relationship and earn the right to tell them so?

I just don’t understand this confrontational attitude a few Christians have where they beat people in the face with the Bible, get rejected, and then walk off piously as if they did their good deed for the day. “I guess they’re just not ready to accept Jesus.” Meanwhile, the person they just smacked up side the head thinks Christians are jerks and completely ignore the message of the Good News.

Scripture also says “do not give what is holy to dogs.” (Matt. 7:6) While it’s true that the prophets confronted the evil citizens of Israel and Judah in their day, God told them to do it. Did God really tell Sidewalk Preacher to go downtown at night, stand outside the arena, and proclaim the Gospel to liquored-up WWE fans? Maybe he did… who’s to say? I just think that Wrestling Fan is not the most receptive to the Gospel after leaving the arena charged up after the show.

Sidewalk Preacher is acting just like most people in the world think every Christian behaves, but Wrestling Fan doesn’t get out of this either. Pro wrestling is obviously not the most highbrow of entertainments, and the stereotypical wrestling fan is an angry young man or a redneck or a drunk or a or a pot smoker or a loudmouth or a moron that doesn’t know it’s fake or somebody who goes home after the show and beats his wife and kids or a 36-year-old guy living in Mom’s basement.

In reality, a lot of wrestling fans these days fall into two categories: a vocal minority that falls into one of the categories above and a larger casual minority that probably watched wrestling when they were a kid, doesn’t keep up with it, and only watches when there’s something not embarrassing and not objectionable when the kids are in the room. The majority of the fan base is parents who want to be able to share something from their childhood with their kids.

And yet, which stereotype of both of these groups gets plastered on the internet? You got it: the loudest minority.

Good job maintaining those stereotypes, guys.


One thought on “Pro wrestling vs. wrestling protester

  1. You have some truly intelligent things to say at time, my friend!
    Well done.

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