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5 incoherent thoughts


Some things I am thinking about lately because I am too sleepy to write something coherent:

  • We’ve had awesome victory lately with my dad. I think we have a nursing home in Indy near our house that will take him. He will get lots of attention there and more activities than the place he’s in now. I think his current home in Lafayette sees that the handwriting is on the wall for them, because the state of Indiana did an audit in July. They are now rebranding and initiating lots of changes, but too little, too late for us.
  • I’m a little sad about that though, because as I’ve mentioned in the past, a lot of the financing for Dad’s move and paying off his medical bills comes from the sale of the old farm. I feel like this scene from Ghostbusters:

    Venkman:You’re never gonna regret this, Ray.
    Stantz: My parents left me that house, I was born there.
    Venkman: You’re not going to lose the house. Everybody has three mortgages these days.
    Stantz: But at nineteen percent? You didn’t even bargain with the guy!
    Spengler:Ray, for your information, the interest rate alone for the first five years comes to $95,000.

    I wish I was buying something cool out of this, like nuclear accelerator backpacks or an Ecto-Containment Unit, but I’m not.
  • This post was called “10 incoherent thoughts”, until I realized that I wasn’t awake enough to come up with that many. So, now it’s called “5 incoherent thoughts” (unless I can’t make it that far either).
  • I’ve had a couple of inquiries about why I haven’t done some “typical” blog things: cross-promotion, guest posts, giveaways. Those are all great things to think about for the future, but let me re-learn how to do this again, work on getting things to the next level, and then we’ll talk.
  • I have $75 to buy my own birthday present. I’m thinking maybe a partial payment for a new laptop, a TV or a PS3. I’ll let you know what is the final decision.

Two questions:

What was the best birthday present you ever received?


Who do you think would be a great fit to do a guest post here?


7 thoughts on “5 incoherent thoughts

  1. That’s gotta be tough dealing with Dad and selling the place, but I am glad you’re able to make it possible for him to receive good care.
    Can’t wait to hear what you get for your birthday!

  2. Dad was placed where he is because it was the only place that would take him while we were still trying to get his insurance situated. It’s nice being able to choose the place he can go this time. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Best gift I ever got was a flat screen TV from my wife. It was a total shock. I have a PS3 and I love it. Netflix, games, and a blu ray player. What’s not to like?

  4. Agreed… we don’t have a flat screen TV yet, but we already do streaming Netflix, and I would like to get back to Playstation versus playing the Wii.

  5. My heart goes out to you, good sir. We have my father-in-law living with us right now because it’s the right thing to do, but sooner or later, he will need more care than we can provide.
    I just hope that day is FAR off!

  6. Rick Knowles and Isaiah Henni.

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