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Lunchtime mashup 2


I did another lunchtime mashup a while back, and the opportunity came up recently to do another one.

There are some vague rules I instituted with the last lunchtime mashup. For example, you can’t spend any money for your ingredients. I kinda bend this rule, but it basically means that anything in my desk, sitting out at the office, or stolen from the refrigerator from co-workers is fair game.

So, in the red corner, we have Erika’s beef stir fry with pea pods. She normally serves it with white rice, but we ate it all, so it looks very lonely here by itself.

Then, in the blue corner, we have Erika’s wild rice and mushrooms. We had that with chicken, but… you guessed it, only this half survived dinner.

Mentioning red corners and blue corners makes me wonder why the colors red and blue have always been at war with each other:

So, I was thinking about a way to combine the two together, but just mixing them up seemed to pedestrian. That’s when I realized that I had recently cleaned up the car and found a ton of change. Our office has a Meijer department store across the street which happens to have one of these coin counting machines:

So, after counting all the change, I found that I had this much money to spend:

Wow, that’s a lot of money! So, I went to the back of the store, pulled a bag of tortillas out of the refrigerated case, and guess what happened?

So, I profited 63 cents out of the deal! Back at work, this is what I shoved into the microwave:

Then I used my mad Taco Bell burrito wrapping skills:

My #1 rule of food: everything that tastes good tastes better in burrito form.


5 thoughts on “Lunchtime mashup 2

  1. Did you have to make lettuce burritos to practice your wrapping when you worked there? I did.

    • It’s been so long ago that I don’t remember… I think our managers were so micromanaging that they let you learn on the job, but they would stand over you the whole time.

      Something else I learned while I was there was if you threw tortillas in the deep fryer, you could make elephant ears with the cinnamon twist sugar.

  2. You’re hired!! Can you come to my house (ok, on a fairly regular basis) and conduct a dinnertime-mashup using only what I have on hand?? 😉

  3. Yours is truly a creative soul, my friend!

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