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Be salt, but don’t BE salt


You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt has become tasteless, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot by men.—Matthew 5:13 (NASB)

Yesterday I talked about changing course and being a good patient, but I didn’t tell the entire story. The doctor also told me last week that he was concerned about my blood pressure. That’s not something that surprised me, because I have family history against me, and I like eating delicious food.

Doc suggested that I get on medication (which makes me tired) and lower my sodium intake (see above re: delicious food).

As you can see from my responses above, this sort of advice usually goes in one ear and out the other, but this time was different. I really did feel like I needed to make a change, so one day I spent my lunch hour shopping for low-sodium options to have at work instead of reaching for the potato chips.

For example, a low-sodium diet is considered 2000 mg of sodium per day. The American Heart Association recommends that a healthy person without heart trouble eat 2400 mg per day.

Most people eat double that amount. To put it into basic terms, if you eat a Big Mac value meal, that’s about 60% of what you need for the day.

You would think it would be as simple as cutting out salt… it’s not. I rarely ever use the salt shaker. (I wrote about this a few months back.) But, I looked at the label of the bagels I eat for breakfast every morning, and 1/2 a bagel amounts to 230 mg of sodium. But who eats half a bagel? That bagel I was eating for breakfast every morning was 25% for the day.

Throw in the Big Mac meal, and now you can see why there are problems.

Fortunately, I was able to find a friendlier bagel that got me below 20%, but here are some other low-sodium items that I found.

This buy is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t go to the grocery store hungry, because then you come home with this kind of thing. Sure, they may look enticing and exotic, but those are just the Beer Goggles fooling you.

More often than not, common sense has told me that anything besides actual honey mustard that has a “honey mustard” flavor tastes horrible and you should flee from it like Satan and Justin Bieber. I’ve been trying to figure out a more accurate flavor for this, and the best I can come up with is “sorta-sweet vinegar lemon”.

The woman on the can who picked the peanuts with her daughter are probably crying right now that their hard work went to waste on such horrifying seasoning.

On the other hand, this bag of chips is something that I would never buy in a million years.

#1 reason: it’s sold in the aisle where all the organic and health foods come from. In English, “organic” means “$2 more”.

#2 reason: it says “sweet potato” on the bag. I hate sweet potatoes or yams or whatever you want to call them. They are orange tubers of grossness, and then people want to serve them with cinnamon and marshmallows on top.

My wife and her family are part of this crazy sweet potato cult. Please pray for them.

Surprisingly, I do like these potato chips. They have a hint of salt mixed with the natural sweetness that I enjoy, and I can eat several of them and not wreck my diet.

Jesus told us to be salt and light in the world, but I don’t think he meant that literally. You can be useful to the Kingdom even in the hospital or in the ground, but I think you can be even more useful when you’re up walking around. So, here I am, trying to break old habits and trying to take this new perspective as a new lease on life. In other words, trying to be willing to be the new creation Jesus expects us to be.

Not only that, but Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt when she disobeyed God, so there seems to be a prevailing theme in the Bible about being salt to the world, but not literally being salt. Especially if you go to Planet M-113 on Star Trek.

Do you diet? Do you hate it or tolerate it?


6 thoughts on “Be salt, but don’t BE salt

  1. I can diet when my wife makes it easy for me. When there’s healthy stuff around, I’ll eat it. If there’s donuts, I’ll eat those.

  2. I don’t diet, but I should. My family LOVES salt, but it doesn’t love us!

    • I’ve never been a label reader, but once I started checking out a few of them, I was surprised at some of the foods that have a lot of salt in them.

  3. I am doing Weight Watchers now and I toler-hate it. I don’t completely hate it but I wish I could eat whatever I want.

    • Don’t they get cheat days though? My wife did the points thing for a while years ago, and that’s about all I remember. I don’t think I could handle a straight diet day after day after day without some sort of relief.

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