Russ Ray

Trying to become more like Jesus

Paved paradise and put up a parking lot


First of all, my wife hates this song… she’s asleep on the couch right now, and she hadn’t stirred until I started playing this video:

It’s true… I was searching for other stuff, and then I started watching the Joni Mitchell version, and she nearly woke up again.

Second of all, you know it’s an Amy Grant video if there’s frizzy hair, shoulder pads, and a vest involved. 1994 was an exciting time.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks… I got all charged up moving my blog over to… and then nobody came to visit. Well, a few people came to visit, but three times more people came to visit the blog that I was vacating.

I tried my best to get people to follow me over… switched all the links I could think of, took care of business on Twitter and Facebook, got used to commenting on some blogs with the new URL… folks still came here first.

So, who am I to argue? I had a good thing; I thought I needed the vanity URL to be taken seriously, and I didn’t. I thought I would get more flexibility with the way my blog worked, and I did to a certain degree, but it go really old really quick.

I guess I was actually building a brand here when I was trying to reinvent the wheel over at the other one. Most of this is nonsensical marketing jargon that I’m trying to rattle off at 1AM to make this sound like I put thought into it.

I get to save some money now every month, and I did come up with a few changes that I liked that will be making their way back over here.

But for now, I’m staying put where I used to be. I think that’s just better for everyone invloved. I was seriously going to quit all the way, but I realized that if I ever want to write that great American novel, I probably need to keep this old thing hanging around for a little while.

What was the last thing that you took for granted?


3 thoughts on “Paved paradise and put up a parking lot

  1. Duuuude!

    I changed my feed reader and didn’t know you were back over here.

    I’d stick w/ the domain name – don’t worry about the stats hit. It’ll build again. I did the same thing.

    • Hmm… maybe. Nothing seems to work at the new blog though. My feed was empty all afternoon yesterday, the widgets are for crap, and seems to be a lot more stable than installing it to my own site.

  2. I haven’t good things from people who have switched to self-hosting. I wonder why that is?
    Anyway, welcome back to WordPress, Ray!

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