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Confined to quarters


I initiated a protein spill (Google that) in the middle of the night, so my wife put me under quarantine in our bedroom. In the last 3 weeks, everyone else in the family had this same thing, so I guess it was my turn.image

Our oldest Maddie had it on New Year’s Eve, which effectively spoiled whatever plans we would have had. It was so bad that she literally painted our downstairs bathroom.

Last week, our youngest Caroline had it and had to be admitted to the hospital for rehydration. When I arrived at the hospital to pick up the other kids, the baby was trying her best to put on a happy face.

So, here I am stuck in a 12×12 cell of a master bedroom with only my phone and the TV to entertain, taking pictures like this one of my foot.

2 questions:

1) What’s the worst sick you’ve had to clean up?

2) How do you deal with being confined?

Hoping I’ll be back at it tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “Confined to quarters

  1. My wife’s a nurse. She can handle the “protein spills”.

  2. At least you have time to blog!
    Get well soon!

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