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Survey Says: Sochi or not Sochi


We usually enjoy watching the Olympics around our house, but for some reason this year, we didn’t get into it as much as other years. I think some of it had to do with the polar vortex that parked over our house for the last two months. You start getting sick of the snow after a while, so watching it on TV isn’t really exciting.

I think a more enjoyable reality segment would have been to delve more into the random issues with the accomodations, such as the community toilets without stalls and the dude who broke down the door. Our local affiliate kept covering baloney like who makes the nesting dolls in Russia and why people still live around Chernobyl.

The opening ceremonies were so lame that I found the London closing ceremonies on YouTube and watched that instead. The London Olympics were fun. The Russian Olympics were semi-efficient. It’s no wonder Russians are stereotyped as uptight dudes with thick beards and fur hats.

And, back to the weather, we all have cabin fever at home. Who wants to sit in front of the TV when you’ve been stuck indoors for months?

So, I put the question to you: did you watch the Olympics this year? It might be the last one I watch for a while, because I think the 2016 Summer Games will be an issue around our house for purity reasons. Brazilians aren’t really known for their modesty.


2 thoughts on “Survey Says: Sochi or not Sochi

  1. I wanted to, but only remembered in time to watch biathlon, which is cool / confusing.

    • I’m into anything that could potentially involve someone falling down a hill (but safely) – any of the skiing or snowboard events.

      There’s a commercial on YouTube from Europe where biathlon competitors get into a gunfight. I’ll have to look for it tonight when I’m out from behind the firewall. It’s pretty funny.

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