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January SPAM of the Month Club


spamI have mostly ignored my spam folder for a year because it’s just so easy to hit that Trash Can button on my phone and move on.

However, I saw this item this morning, and decided to resurrect the SPAM of the Month Club.


From: Nathan <>
Subject: Information for Ray Family

I love looking at these fake domain names. I tried to Google the word “jettiva” and got this answer:

Did you mean: jetta gentiva jativa jetaviva
  • Jetta is a Volkswagen (natch).
  • Gentiva provides hospice services (how sad… thanks for depressing me on Monday morning, Nathan).
  • Játiva was a province of Spain until 1833.
  • jetAVIVA assists in the sales and acquisition of light jet airplanes.

Any of these sound more promising than Jettiva.

Hello Russell, Nathan here with some great news.

I doubt it, but please continue.

I’ve got 5,730 reason you should be excited.

I’ve got 99 problem, but this ain’t one.

The government is currently issuing grants of up to $5,730 in and nationwide.

I’m sorry, but please contact me later when you have more than a million reason to be excited. $5730 buys me a car with 180K miles.

It’s open to residents of . You must be at least 18 years old.

I’m sorry, but I’m not a resident of . I don’t think I qualify.

This means you’re eligible to get a check. While it lasts. Click here for more info.

While it lasts? Is this like Snapchat or something? Sorry, that’s a little too new-school for me…

The money is from Federal Grant Programs. You can use it to pay for online classes. This will help you earn a degree and possibly get a better paying job.

I did not know that Hamburger University had an online program! Seems like $5730 is not enough money for an education of this value.

This money can be direct deposited straight to your account.

Surrrrre it can. I also believed those Nigerian guys when they sent me that check that one time to cash for them.

This doesn’t cost a thing. It only takes about 2 minutes to check.

Surrrrre it doesn’t. I also believed J-Lo when she said her love don’t cost a thing.

Click Here now…

No thanks!



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Or you may request to be removed by mail at: Email Drop Marketing, 340 South Lemon Ave. #2317 Walnut, CA 91789

Oh, if I could only believe that I would never receive these emails anymore, I would click on your scammy, spammy link!


2 thoughts on “January SPAM of the Month Club

  1. is who is sending this and here is the phone number for contact. I would overload them with phone calls

    (310) 564-6336

  2. Hi- stumbled upon this while googling these jerk’s address. This was funny!! Seriously, the way these spammers write the emails is a joke; incomplete sentences, bad grammar, etc. Anyhow, I keep getting the SAME email from this “Dylan” person. I even tried to reply back to tell him I was going to report to FTC but it bounced back ( naturally).
    His email doesn’t even give me a real opt out link- it’s a lonnnggg URL and I copied & pasted in browser and it was bogus! They list that postal address but that could be fake. The email address he uses is:
    Another odd domain for you to decifer 🙂

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