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I hate Batman

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The older I get, the more I hate Batman.

I saw this commercial for a new Batman video game, and it looked more like Batman was Mad Max in a bat costume.

It’s a shame, because I used to think that Batman was a pretty cool dude. Batman was kind of silly there for a while.

But then, I stopped paying attention to comics until Batman made a comeback.

And then I paid attention to him because he was different. The dark tone that was supposed to be faithful to the original was different and kind of thrilling without being too scary. He also used his wits as much or more than his fists. He was truly the “Dark Knight Detective”.

After I got married, I stopped paying attention again. Paying $20 a month to find out what Batman was up to wasn’t really a wise use of resources when you’re taking on a mortgage and buying diapers by the truckload. In the meantime, though, Batman turned into a guy who drove around a tank.

And I guess that was popular, especially when this guy showed up.

But by then, I didn’t care anymore and I couldn’t watch any more of these, and I think I know why.

Batman is a lonely, depressed, broken person who is trying to fill a God-shaped hole in his heart with violence and revenge.

Batman does not exemplify optimism. Each day requires more and more brute force to fight back against the darkness. The status quo of society is continually breaking down.

Nothing new about that: the Bible tells us that the world will continue to get worse and worse because everyone is a sinner and the enemy attacks us all. The Bible shows us what happened to Israel as they continued to disobey God decade after decade until they were run out of town.

As a father who is growing older, I look at the world that I am leaving behind for my kids. I want them to keep their childlike wonder for as long as they can. I want them to believe that there is hope and a future for them. I want them to believe that the hope and faith they have can be a light to the world.

But I don’t think Batman believes that. He simply thinks that each night is another opportunity to beat people up and subdue those who are doing wrong. Things are a little bit worse than they were the night before. He thinks what he is doing is making a difference, but it’s really just an exercise in futility. His world is full of hopelessness and it takes every bit of strength and sanity he has to pull it together.

And for that, I hate Batman.


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