Jesus Is King

Kanye West recently released an album entitled Jesus Is King. While I haven’t listened to it, I doubt that I’m the primary audience he’s seeking, and that’s okay… everybody has the right to make a buck and everybody has the right to buy it or not.

maxresdefaultNot buying his album also isn’t any judgment against his character change as of late. I think that it’s refreshing to have a mainstream celebrity be bold in their faith. However, it seems more often than not that there are celebrities who claim Christ as their Savior and then publicly say or do things that are expressly against what the Bible says. While I’m encouraged when I hear about celebrities who claim Christ publicly, what I’m hopeful for is that they are in some type of discipleship, regularly studying God’s Word, and serving in a local church.

Many have been skeptical of this sudden change of behavior and attitude based on his past. I guess that’s fine–after all, when Paul accepted Jesus and attempted to join the disciples, Acts 9:26 says that “they were all afraid of him, for they did not believe that he was a disciple.” Even the disciple Ananias doubted the Lord when he was told to seek out Saul, saying “I have heard from many about this man, how much evil he has done to your saints at Jerusalem.” (Acts 9:13). I won’t go into depth on Kanye’s past here. You can probably do a quick Google search if you care. 

I think if you feel strongly enough to be skeptical of Kanye West, the best reaction is to pray for him. If he has truly repented and turned toward Christ, then he needs all the prayers he can get to maintain his faithfulness while working in an industry that largely glorifies misogyny, bigotry, violence, and drug abuse while veiling it in the realities of socioeconomic inequality. If his faith is weak or nonexistent, then he still needs our prayers, especially if he does backslide in some way that undermines his testimony.

Personally, I have seen enough so far to believe the best in Kanye, and I’m hopeful that he can use his platform to spread the positivity of the Gospel to his audience.

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