Don’t Hate on RBG

I get a strong sense that after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died earlier this month, a large segment of America was happy. In fact, one particular politician made remarks on social media to the effect that he was glad that her death was minor when measured against all the aborted babies who died during her tenure on the Supreme Court. There is a distinct hypocrisy between saying that you’re pro-life, yet celebrating the death of another human being.

While I disagree with her stances on abortion and same-sex marriage, she also fought for equal rights and equal pay for women. Having three daughters, I can appreciate that the world they grow up in will afford them opportunities to make a good life for themselves. She was also good friends with conservative justice Antonin Scalia, and the stories I’ve read about them make me long for the days when we weren’t so easily offended about differing points of view.

For many, her death is a political victory and an opportunity to push a conservative justice onto the Supreme Court. Her successor has already been chosen, which despite the sensationalism and partisanship in the media, makes sense because the Supreme Court term starts in October and a vacancy after the election would be at least 4-5 months down the road. While it’s unlikely that the right-leaning court would end up split in a tie, it is possible since Chief Justice John Roberts has been known to side with the minority opinion from time to time.

Let’s be realistic, Roe v. Wade will likely never be overturned. The legal principle of stare decisis (“to stand by what was decided”) means that the Supreme Court uses previous decisions as the legal precedent for future cases instead of reversing those decisions. In fact Chief Justice John Roberts (who was nominated by George W. Bush) is a major proponent of this principle and has been a swing vote in the past to strike down anti-abortion laws.

Personally, this is why I think that the work of such important ministries such as Life Centers so important. As Christians who support life, we should be using the gospel to save the lives of both babies and mothers. It’s a simple application of supply and demand. Instead of protesting and closing off the accessibility of abortion (supply), why not instead share the gospel and decrease the demand for them? God can put abortion clinics out of business, but as Christians, I think we are looking at the wrong end of it.

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