Don’t Hate on RBG

I get a strong sense that after Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died earlier this month, a large segment of America was happy. In fact, one particular politician made remarks on social media to the effect that he was glad that her death was minor when measured against all the aborted babies who died during her tenure on the Supreme Court. There is a distinct hypocrisy between saying that you’re pro-life, yet celebrating the death of another human being.

While I disagree with her stances on abortion and same-sex marriage, she also fought for equal rights and equal pay for women. Having three daughters, I can appreciate that the world they grow up in will afford them opportunities to make a good life for themselves. She was also good friends with conservative justice Antonin Scalia, and the stories I’ve read about them make me long for the days when we weren’t so easily offended about differing points of view.

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Music Monday: My Testimony

This may sound like a weird statement, but I love a worship song with good theology. Part of the reason why I post lyrics with these songs is so you can read through what is being sung and what the Holy Spirit is preaching to us. So often worship is reduced to merely reciting what is on a screen and singing along with the worship team.

Many years ago, a worship leader at a church we went to challenged the congregation to really read the lyrics as they were singing them, and it’s a lesson that I still hold on to today. This song from Elevation Worship debuted earlier this year with their album “Graves Into Gardens”.

“Christ is Risen”, written by Steven Furtick, Chris Brown, Tiffany Hammer & Brandon Lake, performed by Tiffany Hammer at Elevation Ballantyne

It starts turning into mostly spontaneous stuff after 4:00, but the song itself is so solid. It reminds me of Kari Jobe’s song “Forever” in tone, lyrics and melody. I hope it gives you hope for the return of our Lord.

Lyrics below the readmore…

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Friday Fun Day: At Home With Baker Mayfield

NFL football has been back on TV for a couple of weeks now. I’m still concerned for the players and the COVID-19 safety precautions they have had to take once sports started again. Major League Baseball started off abysmally, with three teams having to postpone games in their shortened season due to virus outbreaks.

The NBA and NHL both held their respective sports in “bubbles”, where contact with anyone outside the bubble meant you were kicked out and your season was over. It’s a hardline stance, but for sports that are more contact-oriented than baseball, it’s necessary and it’s been successful and a model for other sports.

This seemed to be an important step to ensure that the NFL could have a full season, even if some cities are not permitting fans and they’re piping in crowd noise. NFL teams have dozens of players, coaches and other personnel in close proximity to one another, so one would think there would be a great deal of risk.

Along with NFL games come fun commericals. I haven’t paid much attention to Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield since he started playing professionally a couple of years ago, but these commercials for Progressive Insurance showing both he and his wife Emily living at the stadium are a real hoot. Here is a behind-the-scenes look at this season’s commercials.

What the Bible Says About “Cancel Culture”

This will probably expose how old I am, but the internet didn’t start becoming a major part of our lives until I was in college. I learned to make web pages on my own and published a guide to HTML online as part of a senior-year technical writing project. It probably looked like what a second grader could put together today in about 15 minutes.

The internet is such a pervasive part of our culture today that it practically runs our homes, controls our entertainment and shopping, allows many of us to continue working during the pandemic, and even allows the gospel to be preached to a much wider audience than can fit in a building on Sunday morning.

The internet has also been used in destructive ways. I have ruined my life with online pornography, as have countless other men and women around the globe. Kids bully each other online through their social media accounts, whether by words or embarrassing photos. And now, within the past 3 or 4 years, this movement of “cancel culture” has existed, a trial not by a jury of one’s peers, but a trial in the media by every internet critic who is hiding behind a keyboard.

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What the Bible Says About Kindness

If you ever drive around neighborhoods in western Indianapolis and Hendricks County, you’ll see these signs that say “Just Be Kind” in many front yards. This movement started 5 years ago when a group of kids in Plainfield, IN wanted to raise money and put the slogan on T-shirts and signs to sell. The movement has grown on social media to put the spotlight on those who are being kind to others by giving back to their community. You can visit their web site here to learn more.

Peter Scholtes wrote a well-known modern hymn in the 1960s called “They’ll Know We Are Christians By Our Love”, which has been covered by Christian artists such as For King & Country and Jars of Clay. The lyrics are below the readmore:

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